The Game Craftsmen Team

Drew and Evan, at our Kitchen Table Startup.

Hard at work

Nick Shapiro

Dungeon Master and full stack engineer, Nick has been building browser games and selling virtual goods since 2001, before anyone used the words virtual goods.

Sometimes known as BCDC, Nick loves his players and they love him back.

Noah Hall
Analytics Engineer

After graduating Dartmouth, Noah wasted little time making himself a pillar in the emerging social game industry. Noah played a key role as Analytics Lead at KlickNation (where he met Nick) evaluating data and creating reports that became invaluable to all levels of the company. You've got questions, Noah's got answers. Noah has a habit of learning new languages and technologies so fast you think he's been writing them for years, some of his favorite include Python, SQL and NoSQL.

Noah has played all the games. All of them. It was part of his job as one of Peanut Lab's earliest employees.

Drew Winget
Historian / Frontend Engineer

A true renaissance man. Drew enjoys git, jQuery, the DOM, Twitter Bootstrap, ancient history, French literature, gaming, and working long hours for snacks.

Jesse Zbikowski
Distinguished Engineer

You have probably used devices running Jesse's code. He's been developing systems since 1996, but refuses any title beyond "Distinguished Engineer". An active member of local hacker and art communites, some of his more interesting projects include work with Orb Swarm and the Flaming Lotus Girls to create Web based intreractive controls for fire and lighting effects.

An avid gamer, Jesse is hooked on Mecha Galaxy, and plays it every day. We pay Jesse to play the game, pick features he wants to add, and then code them. Talk about a dream job!

Pauline Chan

A talented designer, Pauline has an M.S. from Georgia Institute of Technology (home of the misbegotten Cow Clicker) where she wrote her thesis on narrative participation within MMO game environments [PDF].

After some time as a freelance UX Designer, she was recently lured back into the game industry to work on Mecha Galaxy. Now she uses her powers with CSS, jQuery and PHP to develop the front-end, help design the game, and generally work her magic.

Evan Bangham
Backend Engineer

Evan is a hard core engineer, with a strong background in community web portals. Also an active member of local hacker communites, his favorite weekends are spent at hack-a-thons with the crew.

If you want a server damn secure, give the job to Evan.


May or may not have invented this entire industry.


Game Craftsmen

San Francisco, CA, 94103 USA